Wireless Internet Access

The Internet has become the heart of the information revolution. The eXS ZONE brings the Internet to computers, and other wireless devices, to download music, send email and photos to family and friends, gather news, chat online and talk on the phone.

Telephone Service

The eXS ZONE lets users make ordinary telephone calls using ordinary telephones. The user has a public phone number and can receive calls from anywhere.

The technology is called VoIP. The phone's voice signal is converted into a data packet and sent over the Internet. VoIP is a standard accepted around the world. The user doesn't need to know anything about the underlying technology.

Video Surveillance and Security

Video surveillance and remote monitoring are essential driving forces behind security enforcement. The eXS ZONE supports the use of IP Cameras, ranging from conventional IP cameras to the Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP cameras, with the eXS NODEs. The video and images would be sent over the eXS ZONE to remote viewing stations and also to Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for archival purposes.

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